It’s tough to stand out and be unique in any genre of music, but I think we try our best to just be ourselves.

Hailing from Ghorusalem (it’s actually Pittsburgh, PA, but please bear with us), the warriors of Dethlehem have travelled through time and space to do battle against dragons, wizards, warlocks, leviathans, shape-shifters, and a shit ton of other things that needed to die.

«We’re all at max level for this expansion pack (our new album, Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon)» says drummer Overlord Brom. «We won’t be levelling up again until after the new album is released. After battling mind flayers, giants, mimics, dark elves, undead wolves, and of course, a colossal emerald dragon (the rarest of all dragons, duh), I’m surprised we still have any stamina left.»

Despite the gimmick, it would be a big mistake to think that Dethlehem’s sound is no more than a witless joke. Truth be told, once you enter their realm you’ll face some good and epic melodic death metal, as the fourth full-length from the United States-based four-piece, “Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon”, harnesses the spirit of old whilst drawing from the power of modern death metal, creating a multi-layered sound that becomes even more compelling if you go full Dungeons & Dragons with the Story Mode edition.

«This is our absolute best musical effort since we’ve been a band. We formed our party of warriors back in 2008, and we’ve been going on adventures ever since! While the stakes are high for all of our campaigns, Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon proved to be our most difficult yet! There are two versions of the album, Story Mode and Music Only. If you are into learning about the backstory, and like nerdy/funny audio skits, then check out Story Mode! If you just want to hair whip in the car, and skip all the filler, then go for the Music Only version!»

Dethlehem have truly stepped their game up here as they’re sounding tighter and more technical than ever, presenting a more progressive take on death metal and covering a lot of ground on an album that will make you want to bang your head while beating the living shit of magical creatures. «We are a bunch of nerds who like heavy metal, video games, tabletop RPGs, and potty humor» he says. «We’ve been combining all of these shared interests and elements into our music for a long time, but this new album leans heavily into the D&D influences. We really wanted to do an album that basically plays out like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, wrapped in melodic death metal.» Overlord Brom adds: «It’s tough to stand out and be unique in any genre of music, but I think we try our best to just be ourselves. While we take the music writing very seriously (no gimmicky stuff there), we do take the theatrics to a satirical level. I think most people “get it,” and that’s our target audience. Unlike a lot of comedic metal bands that are a bit slapstick in the music, I feel like a metal fan who has never heard of us or did any research into our gimmick or backstory, can listen to one of our songs and be like, “well this is heavy and the riffs are sick. There’s nothing funny or goofy about this.” So, I think we break down some of that barrier between the two camps, maybe?»

On the vinyl edition of “Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon”, Overlord Brom states that having a release available on vinyl «has always been a goal of ours, and finally we were able to do it. This was made possible because enough of our fans showed interest in having it on vinyl, and we raised enough money via preorders through Kickstarter to afford the cost. We love how the artwork looks on the gatefold. Plus, the music on the vinyl mix sounds incredible. +10 XP for your earholes.»

“Maelstrom of the Emerald Dragon” is out today on limited edition double LP and CD.

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