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We are making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what matters the most to me.

«Honestly, I don’t know if we’ll ever make a difference in today’s scene. What I truly know is that we are making a difference in people’s lives. That’s what matters the most to me. Do never forget this scene is built by and for the people.» These words were uttered by Portuguese black metal five-piece Gaerea, as they gear up to follow-up 2018’s critically acclaimed offering “Unsettling Whispers” with their sophomore studio album “Limbo”.

With “Limbo”, Gaerea rose and crafted a whole new aesthetic palette, signing to France’s Season of Mist and opening a new and promising chapter in the books of Hell. «We are very happy with the result. We ended up signing with a label that truly understands and respects our vision and needs, and even though this release is pushing every boundary of our existence with the amount of work it requires, the outcome has been amazing.»

«It feels right», says the bleak entity that speaks with one voice when asked about their upcoming Vinyl LP. «We think about the vinyl pressing before the videos, photos, marketing plans, etc. That’s why we tend to focus so much on the cover artwork. A good vinyl pressing will always feature a fantastic and very detailed view of the cover art. We have worked with a fantastic painter who makes an effort to craft agonizing art filled with endless little details. Having this painting printed in a 12” makes it look like it’s coming to life. The Power of Canvas on vinyl.»

For the future, Gaerea’s goal is «to bring “Limbo” all around the globe and spread the Vortex Society’s words even further down the abyss.»

“Limbo” is out July 24 on Season of Mist, on Black, Cyrstal Clear, Turquoise, and Yellow and Black Marbled Double LP. Preorder now here or here.

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