«We focused more on a primal, in your face, death metal attack.»

It takes almost three minutes to get a first glimpse of the vocals on Nihilo‘s third full-length “Doom”, but once it strikes us with the utmost brutality, you realize there’s no coming back. Two years after its original CD release on Art Gates Records, the Swiss death metal purveyors are going all-in with a self-released Vinyl LP. «We’re still happy with the result», says drummer Damiano Fedeli. «The production work is still very fitting. Remo Häberli [mixing/mastering] did a killer job and we are still happy. We focused more on the band’s core and on a primal, in your face, death metal attack, thus allowing less space for experiments.» Releasing “Doom” on wax wasn’t a top priority for the band at first like Damiano explained us, but like all bands with strong feelings for vinyl, they had to make it happen. «It feels great to have “Doom” on vinyl and thankfully the circumstances enabled us to do so.» And what to expect from a death metal record? The answer is simple: «Death, hate, abuse of power, religion, humanity and its self-destructive nature. The bad and the ugly, if you wish. Musically it’s straight death metal, sometimes slow and heavy, sometimes thrashy, fast and chaotic, with some black metal hints to enhance the atmosphere. It’s primal and gut oriented music that will make you bang your head, smile and be pumped with energy! There’s a lot of disturbing stuff out there.» Disturbing: that’s how I like my death metal!

You can preorder “Doom” right here.

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