«This one is on gold wax, so it’s immediately made it to gold without even needing to sell any copies!»

«It’s wonderful! We all understand the sacred realm of the vinyl experience», says Rebel Wizard‘s sole member on the vinyl edition of “Magickal Mystical Indifference”. Always in a good mood, he jokes: «This one is on gold wax as well, so it’s immediately made it to gold without even needing to sell any copies!»

Hailing from Australia, Rebel Wizard’s founder is an obvious fan of old British heavy metal bands but he also injects a hefty dose of black metal into his music, which to be honest sounds like a lot of fun! «I listen to the album not as though I made it» he says. «So, in this case, I really enjoy it. If I listen to it as ‘the artist’ it’s definitely not a pleasant experience but I have learnt to enjoy myself now. It’s an ongoing thing so there’s no real ‘achievement’ of sorts, it’s just what is. I don’t feel I have achieved that much, to be honest!» The musician comments on the central lyrical and musical ideas behind the album: «I also feel music is a wonderful realm for one to use the medium to open up and investigate parts of self-being which may cause a ‘huzzah’ in oneself. The wonderful thing about this kind of music is its freedom to explore. I like to let those who enjoy it discover themselves but the project is heavily embedded with fun things. Metal can have a terrible habit of meathead arrogance on things – the ‘magickal, mystical indifference’ long since gone. It serves a purpose, of course, don’t get me wrong. But there’s a real magick in good metal – something that gives one astral power in these times of buffoonery and banality. I hope one feels a sense of empowerment that is unique – not just a german happy metal/Rocky Balboa vibe. Something a little more all-encompassing and otherworldly yet relatable in an esoteric sense.»

What about Rebel Wizard’s plans for the future? «I will just keep on. I would love to vagabond wizard the globe performing these huzzahs and spread heavy negative wizard joy to all! Huzzah!» Yeah, huzzah! Whatever that means!

“Magickal Mystical Indifference” is out now on Prosthetic Records, on translucent gold vinyl + patch. Order here.

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