Blaze of Perdition are on blistering form.

Blaze of Perdition are on blistering form with their Metal Blade debut, sounding more tough, commanding and confident than ever. Album standout “Transmutation of Sins”, B-side opener “What Christ Has Kept Apart” and “The Great Seducer” sees the band placing more emphasis on a rock-based sound, delivering swarming melodies and eerie atmospheres, and repeating the tendency of their veteran countrymen Behemoth. The exciting and fluid production that comes with it helps the band to tell a story filled with dark desires and forbidden thoughts. With their organic riff changes, Blaze of Perdition show that their songwriting game has significantly improved, and despite the fact that “The Harrowing of Hearts” makes for a more melodic record, it’s still uncompromisingly raging.

4.0 rating
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