Unique, unpredictable, deranged, pioneering.

Unique, unpredictable, deranged, pioneering. Four words that are not left dangling in the air when it comes to Igorrr, a project lead by Gautier Serre that combines metal, breakcore, opera, baroque, Balkan music and now with the latest full-length “Spirituality and Distortion” welcomes oriental sounds into this eclectic mix.

The opening track “Downgrade Desert” combines oriental influences with extreme metal, building to the operatic voice crescendo of Laure Le Prunenec, and the bass strength and screams of Laurent Lunoir. As the title implies, “Nervous Waltz” invites us to dance a waltz lead by a set of strings that evolves into something modern with the drums setting the pace, but if there’s a lesson to learn with Igorrr, is to expect the unexpected, as metal and breakcore effusively butcher the (outdated) elegance of the waltz. “Hollow Tree” builds over three minutes as a harpsichord increase in tension before a painful release by Laure Le Prunenec.

After the oriental rhythms of “Camel Dancefloor”, the track gives way to the undisputed voice of Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and the ungodly breakdowns of “Parpaing”, as traditional death metal riffs wail and propel their way through 8-bit arrangements. And no, Igorrr is not for those who fit the description of hard-line conservatives. With their cerebral eccentricity jumping around from style to style, we find ourselves listening to the utterly festive accordion of “Musette Maximum” in a small french pub while we’re plagued with a double bass pedal and death metal guitar riffs.

Songs such as “Barocco Satani” celebrate the bond between metal and baroque, but rather than embark upon their honeymoon they choose a horror movie as their destination with violins drawn from Hitchcock movies running as background. “Kung Fu Chèvre” rounds off this musical journey in a festive and cranky way, blazing a trail around Balkan music, featuring metal, breakcore and goats bleating in a way that would make Emir Kusturica or Goran Bregović very proud, as we believe anyone who crosses their paths with Igorrr and “Spirituality and Distortion” will be.

“Spirituality and Distortion” is also available in different colours and effects, with the “liquid vinyl” edition being the rarest and most valuable:

4.5 rating
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