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«How many times have you listened to a new album of a band you like a lot and said ‘Uhm… Not good enough’? Bands can’t keep inspiration on high mode all the time but they need to balance between recording decent music and making a living out of it. I respect that, especially if you have a legacy behind you. Our touring options are not great and [in this] world we are living in now, it is time to concentrate on writing [new music]. It will be exciting to see how it develops.»

The speaker in this instance is Thyrant guitarist, Miguel Navarro responding to 12” Magazine’s query about how the band can make a difference in today’s metal scene. While he admits this is something they can’t fully control, to be a band that writes good music is what they want to be known for. Having just released their sophomore full-length, “Katabasis”, the Málaga, Spain natives chose an optimistic perspective when faced with the forced postponement of most shows caused by the new coronavirus, and rolled up their sleeves to write the follow-up to their latest release.

«Our lives do not depend on what we do as a band, so that give us a lot of freedom to work on our art» Navarro explains. With the addition of new vocalist Ocram, Thyrant developed a conceptual album in a process that the guitarist describes as being as natural as it can get, with trial and error as their only rule. «Ideas started to come in and we just put all pieces in order after endless hours of rehearsals», he says. «We learned how to play music in our bedrooms as anyone in their teenage years. We’ve learned just by trial and error and still do. Becoming a work team was the best thing we have ever achieved, where every single member has its own responsibility and knows where and when to do his thing with no egos involved.» With “Katabasis”, the band couldn’t be any prouder. «We are very happy with the response so far. It’s pretty hard for any band from this location to make some noise. We’re pretty far away from any rock/metal scene in Europe. Needless to say, you have to make that extra effort to have your work released and spread. We were counting on Indie Recordings for that and we’re glad and thankful.»

Back to the concept behind “Katabasis”, Navarro tells us their idea was to express «how someone can lost his/her mind and go to hell while still being alive. Something a lot of us may have experienced in many ways. It is quite subjective, actually.» Once the lyrics for their new album were ready, Thyrant wrote some new music that felt really close to the story they had in mind. «It was our first time writing this way, close to the lyric side of the song», he says of the process that had nothing to do with their previous effort. «Last time we had two completely different processes that never really connected to each other. You know, it was our first album, where everything was fresh but had less focus. This time we found the colours to paint over the canvas, whereas before we just had no limits.»

On having “Katabasis” available on vinyl, Miguel Navarro really, really disappointed us by stating that «we are not really vinyl freaks». Excuse me, can you say that again?? «That format is quite OK and we love it, but it’s not a priority. We appreciate the fact that we can have our music out, no matter how people prefer to listen to it. If they can afford to pay € 20,00 for vinyl, that´s ok.» It’s like he’s doing this on purpose, just to mess with our heads, right? Now I can really understand the whole concept behind “Katabasis”, as I have lost my mind and went straight to hell while still being alive. Damn you, Miguel! «We believe in musicians living from their art and music. We do believe that, don´t take me wrong. We also believe in physical format rather than digital, but having digital platforms with all your favourite music available is one of the best things a music fan may ever dream of.» Wait! Miguel isn’t done with us yet! «And we like CDs too!» Damn you again, Miguel! Nah, we’re just messing around! We love you!

Go listen to “Katabasis” by Thyrant now and don’t forget to buy it as well on your favourite format. It’s now out via Indie Recordings.

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