This is the most bombastic and most prog metal-oriented album we’ve done thus far.

“Veil of Imagination”, the third album from US prog conundrum Wilderun, is a multiplex of savage metal and beautiful orchestrations which draws the listener into a world populated by countless layers and dynamics. Recently signed to Century Media Records, Wilderun have finally made it to vinyl, as bassist Daniel Müller (who also handles synths and orchestrations) explains: «It’s something we’ve wanted to do since we first released “Sleep at the Edge of the Earth” back in 2015. We’ve been getting messages almost daily since then asking if we’re ever going to press our records on vinyl. The problem with vinyl is that it’s so expensive to produce and it’s hard for a younger band to justify spending the thousands of dollars it costs on top of printing the obligatory CDs and merch. But now with Century Media behind us, these kinds of things are much more feasible. We’re also in the process of getting the first two records on vinyl as well. I can’t say when those will be available yet but it should be soon.»

On signing to Century Media, Müller adds: «I think we’ve got a lot more options on the table than we had before. Unfortunately with the COVID situation, we were forced to postpone our tour in April with Aeternam as well as our first European festival appearances in the fall. It’s definitely stressful to have this album under our belts and not be able to tour on it. But I try to stay positive and keep my head up. We’re working on a new album right now so hopefully, if all goes well, we can get that out into the world sooner than later.»

There’s a certain balance when it comes to the interaction between vocals and instruments, with the vocals fading as soon as the instrumentation gets intense and with the instruments finding some time to breathe as the vocals take centre-stage, and as if a complex structure wasn’t enough, “Veil of Imagination” features a lyrical theme that demands focus. «Veil” focuses mostly around the concepts of how our perception of the world changes as we grow older», says the musician. «As kids, we see the world in an array of shapes and colours that all mean something fresh to us, but over time we lose a lot of that wonder and we stop just taking things in like that. We then start to try to rationalize and overanalyze these things. The album kind of tells a story of someone trying to see the world for the way they saw it as a child, but never really quite being able to grasp it. Musically, this is the most bombastic and most prog metal-oriented album we’ve done thus far. As we got further along into the writing process, we found less room for our typical folk instrumentations in the compositions and instead focused more on making the orchestra and the band as huge as possible. (…) I can safely say we all put a lot more of ourselves into this record and I think it shows. It’s really easy to call something done once you hit that first wall of satisfaction but I always say it’s that last 5% of the effort you put in that separates good work from great work. The response from this record has been tremendous and I’m happy that it seems to really resonate with people.»

While listening to “Veil of Imagination”, we can’t help to realise that we are before a unique sound and style capable of making a difference in today’s metal scene. Our guest points out songwriting as the key to cause such an impression. «I see so many bands who have so much going for them in terms of being good players, having good production and an interesting sound, but the core compositions are uninspired and just not very well thought-out. It seems like such a basic thing to say, but so much of the metal scene is lacking the originality that birthed it in the first place. I love everything about metal and I understand why people fall into these compositional tropes because it feels good to make something that reminds you of your favourite band. But the scene is so full of copycat bands because of exactly that kind of thinking. They’re hesitant to do something that really sounds different from other bands out there because they think people won’t react well to it. It’s a risk, sure, but in the end the greater the risk, the greater the payoff.»

“Veil of Imagination” is out now on Century Media. Order here.

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